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Cabbie Pro is an application for Android phones that helps you make and cancel taxi cab bookings in Singapore.

About Cabbie Pro

In Singapore, Comfort Cab, CitiCab & SMRT offer taxi booking services by SMS. To book a cab, one has to text either BOOK <Postal Code> #Pick-up point or BOOK <Building Name> #Pick-up point to their respective booking hotline number.

But it can be a chore to remember addresses and to type out the booking SMS messages. Not to mention having to remember hotline number for each operator when you are out in the rain searching madly for a cab!

To help with this problem, I wrote an Android application called Cabbie in late 2009. Over the course of the next year, Cabbie got downloaded thousands of times, garnered a 4.5/5 star average user rating and went on to be ranked #32 in the Straits Times Digital Life Top 100 apps of 2010!

Looking at the enthusiatic response that Cabbie received, I set about working on a new version. The result is Cabbie Pro: an improvement over Cabbie in every single way!


You can download Cabbie Pro from the Android Market. Or use the barcode scanner app on your phone to scan this:

cabbie market barcode


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  • SMRT Taxis support.
  • Change Sort menu icon.


  • Allow sorting of the list of locations either alphabetically or by last modified/booked time.


  • Updated Info screen with more booking hotline numbers & new design.
  • SMS Search responses no longer reach the Messaging Inbox.
  • Relax length limit on pickup point.
  • Fix an error notification bug.


  • Completely revamped UI compared to old Cabbie.
  • New (more reliable) ways of finding addresses.
  • Hi-res icons for different phone screen sizes.
  • Dozens of user-interaction refinements.
  • Compatible with Android 1.6 – 2.3


Smrt has a new sms app for iphone today. Would be great if your cabbie program supported smrt too.

@Ajit - didn't know about SMRT's SMS service. Will definitely look into this. Thanks for the info!

How do I import entries from Cabbie into Cabbie Pro?

@krish Unfortunately, due to Android security restrictions, I can't automatically move data from Cabbie to Cabbie Pro. You'll have to do a one time manual re-entry :-(

i can't find it in the market for my galaxy s2

@Gt - It should be there. One note: Cabbie is only available in Singapore Android Market. So if you are connecting via a US network (or using an app such as Market Enabler), you may not see it.

when i try to register my credit card why does it say wrong address??

@rao Unfortunately, the Android Market purchase experience is completely controlled by Google and I have no visibility into how it works or what goes wrong.

In general, I can suggest trying a different credit card or just try after some time.

Another option is to try purchasing online through a desktop web browser. Just open the following on your desktop & purchase from there.

If it is a persistent problem, then please check Google Market support here:

Hope you understand.

Pls update the app to include the latest changes in Comfort, Citicab and SMRT surcharges

@KM That's on my TODO list for this Christmas vacation :-)


I am in the US and would like to know if we could collaborate. I am starting a taxi company and I have a dispatch system but I need the application for passager booking. I am on skype jacob.maaga or 919-633-8079. You can send me your number and I will give you a call.



Can you add a widget so one touch ordering would be possible?

For the past few taxi bookings, it took hour to get the response!!?

Scenario 1. Submitted booking for more than 5 minutes, never receive any response, confirmed OR rejected!!! So, submit a cancellation 2. Saw a taxi on coming, which is ON CALL. And the next second the ON CALL light off! Flagged the taxi & boarded 3. In the taxi, the driver complaining about on-call passenger cancelled booking. Therefore I verified with the driver, was he attending to the location I've booked. Somehow, this is the taxi I've booked, but I told him I didn't receive any confirmation SMS, therefore I cancelled the booking.

How do I backup my locations to be exported to new phone? I use Cabbie Pro. Where are the locations info stored and how can I re-import the data?

Singapore taxi booking cabs are so inspiring.

We need to include more features in this app.

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