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Cabbie is an application for Android phones that helps you make and cancel cab bookings in Singapore.

About Cabbie

In Singapore, Comfort Cab & CitiCab offer a cab booking service by SMS. To book a cab, one has to text either BOOK <Postal Code> #Pick-up point or BOOK <Building Name> #Pick-up point to the number 71222.

But it can be a chore to remember addresses and to type out the booking SMS messages. Not to mention having to remember that number 71222 when you are out in the rain searching madly for a cab!

So I created Cabbie to help me manage addresses and send booking messages. I hope you'll find it useful too!


New in v0.3

  • Directly send SMS
  • New Info dialog
  • Improved location detection
  • Support for Android 1.6 & 2.0
  • Lots of fixes


  • First version in Android Market
  • Add locations manually
  • Add locations from Map
  • Send SMS via SMS app


You can download Cabbie from the Android Market. Or use the barcode scanner app on your phone to scan this:

cabbie market barcode


I hope I've made Cabbie intuitive enough that it doesn't need an instruction manual! Nevertheless, here's a screencast on YouTube that walks through some of the basic operations.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4


hey deepak

thank you for your app. i use it rather often! would be great if using the map i can pin point to any location to use that coordinate to book the cab

also if you can combine the functions of cab@sg (dialing of pre-set numbers of cab companyies) into your app, it would be the ultimate app for cabs.

Hi Mark.

Thanks for your feedback!

AFAIK, ComfortCab's SMS booking service doesn't work with just GPS co-ordinates. So I've to convert those into an address that the booking service can understand. Presently, I use Google's Reverse Geocoding service to fetch addresses near/around a location (i.e., your GPS location) and those are the addresses you see on the map. So even if you arbitrarily point to a location, you won't get an address different from those already shown. Does that make sense?

Did you take a look at the new Info function? The Info dialog has ComfortCab's booking number that you can just touch to call!

I'll think about adding numbers for other cab companies.

Hi Deepak, Cabbie has to be one of the most important app on my Android phone. Absolutely love this app's ability to provide a front end for the SMS - sending & various location refinements.

If there is one thing that would commensurate the great functionalities of this app, would be a better looking icon. Something more modern? Just a thought...

Meantime, thanks for the great app!

Man, I'm no artist/designer. That icon took as much effort as writing all the location based code :-)

If someone can help out with a better icon, ideally something that adheres to Android 2.0's Icon Design Guidelines, I'll be very thankful!

Hi, antrix, well done with the Cabbie!

It would be great to have a Backup function so that I wouldn't have to search and.input all those POSTCODE locations again. Thanks!

Didn't know people use Cabbie so much that they need a backup feature ;-)

Seriously though, this is a good idea. I'll try to implement this for the next release along with some other stuff I had planned. A bit busy these days but will hopefully have something done by end of June.

So you will be surprised! Cabbie is the first app i use when i need to book a cab and that is at least 3 times a week!

It would be great if you can double tap on any location and it will reverse geocode the postal code. Currently using the find location function only brings up postal codes around that area, so it might not detect my location accurately without using GPS.

You can try selling your project to Comfort Delgro and maybe they might be tempted to integrate your project for a android version of the iphone taxi booking app =P

It would be great if you can double tap on any location and it will reverse geocode the postal code.

Another nice idea that shouldn't be to hard to implement. Will also help when you are indoors and can't get a good location fix.

You can try selling your project to Comfort Delgro

I'm not too good at that! Already got in trouble with a different transport company for my other project ;-)

I am a taxi driver mpv in malaysia. I wish to have this app for my service in kuala lumpur. thank you

Hi, when I book a cab using cabbie it says the Cab was booked by "David" how do I change this to my real name?

@James - the name is controlled by SMRT/SBS. You'll have to call their booking hotline and ask them to change the name.

Would love to know if you could build me an app like this for my company, etc. Or could you direct me in the right direction to get one started myself. Any help you could offer would be awesome. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide or any direction you could send me in.

We would like to join your company, we are a minicab company in North London, please send us Information or an application form to

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