Writr is a simple editor geared towards writing of Markdown syntax formatted text.

Writr is © Deepak Sarda and released under the GNU GPL.

NOTE: I don't maintain Writr anymore. Consider it abandonware :-)

Writr's Goals

  • Be simple and obvious to use
  • Suck less than Notepad
  • Teach me PyGTK

What works now

  • Text editor with cut, copy and paste
  • File opening and saving
  • HTML previews after Markdown conversion of text

Still to come

The following things, listed roughly in order of priority, will show up in future releases.

  • Undo and Redo
  • Search and Replace
  • Status bar that shows some status
  • Win32 binary
  • World domination FAQ


Writr needs Python and a fairly recent release of PyGTK to run. It also depends on python bindings for GTKHTML2 which currently ship with gnome-python-extras.

Writr is released under the GNU GPL.



Thanks to all the people behind Python, PyGTK, and Python Markdown. Special thanks to the Scribes project from where I took lots of ideas and a bunch of code. Finally, big thanks to Sandino Flores for writing SimpleGladeApp and dozens of PyGTK example programs.