The Art of Deception

"Good evening! Thank you for calling Jet. This is Maya; how may I help you?"
"I need a ticket to Bangalore on the 18th, Ms. Maya."
Maya: "May I know your good name, Sir?"
"I am Ajay Kumar, Maya."
Maya: "Thank you, Mr. Ajay. Would you be travelling Business or Economy class, Sir?"
Ajay: "Business class, please."
Maya: "Thank you. Please be on the line Sir while the system retrieves information."
Ajay: "No problem. Say Maya, would you happen to be Maharashtrian?"
Maya: "Why, yes! You are quite perceptive, Sir!"
Ajay: "I can always pick out accents; especially the Marathi accent."
Maya: "I am sure you can, Sir."
Ajay: "Marathi girls are the sweetest sounding."
Maya: "I can't disagree, Sir."
Ajay: "And they are also the prettiest looking; as I am sure you are too!"
Maya: "Ah! While this is truly flattering Sir, I am afraid that under the Robots and Robotic Personas Act of 2018, I am required to inform you that I am just a voice response system!"
Ajay: "Oh! Umm.. I hope this isn't being recorded..."
Maya: "You wish, Sir!"


Good one man. Will be careful the next time I talk with a IVR system.

Luckily, all our current IVR systems are of the 'she talks, you press keys' kind ;-) The only 'voice interactive' system I've come across is the one Microsoft uses for product activation.

BTW, this story is inspired by Airtel here in Hyderabad. Their customer service IVRS doesn't even have a 'press 0 to talk to a human' option - driving me to yelling and cursing at the robotic voice. Oh how I wish that voice actually understood my screams of frustration!

My roomie once got stuck at some menu and wanted to talk to a human. So he just said "boo" and the system couldn't interpret the response and so it connected him with a human after some some time.

lol lol...

loved this short story.. reminds me of the Beavis and Butthead movie where Butthead keeps calling up a number because a "chick" answers the phone.. of course the butthead doesn't realize its a recorded voice.

nice bug to exploit, if need be :-)

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