Diwali Daze

I had my misgivings about this Diwali. My last post hinted at them. Maybe hint is an understatement :-)

Diwali here comes a day earlier than in India. No, it’s not due to the time difference. It’s the south indian style I am told. But my knowledge is limited on that front.

So Diwali here was on friday. Woke up at the usual time, 2 in the afternoon. Vasanth was already up, waiting for me to cook something and feed him. I had half a mood to ask him to cook for a change. But the poor guy had been up all night watching the special movie-marathon on TV. And it was Diwali after all. So I decided put my skills to work.

An hour and some green sludge later, we were reasonably relaxed. Aakrosh and myself joined Vasanth in his movie marathon and watched Lagaan. Then went for a swim.

The question of food again. We decided to celebrate Diwali and eat some good food in a restaurant for a change. 11 pm at Orchard Road. Hookers, Hipsters and Happening pubs everywhere. But no sign of an open restaurant. Singapore sleeps early. And we hate it for that. A ‘value meal’ at Burger King and we headed back home.

Aakrosh and I had already made plans of opening the vodka at home. We got down to business without delay with Saji joining us for good measure. No pun intended.

The rest of the night is pretty hazy. Proof of that is the hangover I had today morning. Didn’t get out of bed for a long time. Thanks to Vidya for keeping me company on messenger.

In the evening, out of nowhere, people streamed into our place. Prerit had this brainwave of throwing a Diwali party. Only he forgot what a mess this place is. Thankfully, none of the guests were old aunties who would insist on seeing every room of every house they set foot in. Prerit was extremely happy that some of the guests were working in PWC and JP Morgan.

I was silent.

Uncharacteristically so.

Called up home after they left. I miss my folks more than any year now. Never been at home for Diwali since I joined IIT. Hopefully the December trip comes through.