Have you ever had a dream Neo? A dream that woke you up!!
I dreamt of some really mysterious stuff last night, neat plot, action, loads of suspense and a shattering climax which left me so perplexed in it’s profoundity that I woke up! Yes, I jumped off my bed! Okay.. not literally, but you get the idea.

I was so amazed that I decided to write it down.. make a neat story/screenplay/novel out of it. But before that, I had to know if there was more to it. So off I went to sleep again.


Woke up with neither more revelations, nor any memory of the original one. :(

Darn, there goes my million dollar writing contract…

And reminds me.. ‘a bird in the bush…’

On an unrelated note.. saw Austin Powers ‘International ..’ yesterday.

On a related note.. Austin would have said: ‘a bird with a bush.... ‘