For want of a better title

Firstly, thanks to all (seven of you!) for reading the story and for your thoughts on it. Thanks also for showing me visions of immense wealth and fame. (On an unrelated note, my MasterCard arrived in the mail today!)

As saip and someone else (nev?) noted, there wasn’t much of a story. ha-ha. Yes, now that I think about it, it’s all there in my subconscious, seeping out slowly. It’s like manufactured in Thailand but branded by Levi’s. Only, I am not as good, no-no, not as famous as Levi’s. ;-)

Some of you have asked me to write something longer. As I said before, it’s difficult for me to do that. Tell you what, wait for the next piece, if you don’t like it - let me lower my expectations - if you don’t see progress, kick me and then I’ll be forced to be a bit more perseverant.

I am finishing my last assignment right now. And then there’s an exam on Wednesday. The last of the semester :-) And I am so much into the end-sem state right now. No, it’s not the study 24 hrs thing that others around me are into. It’s the ‘hols coming up!’ and think about it and do nothing state. Which is, needless to say, not such a good thing.

As part of that state, I decided to get my music collection in shape. One of the first tasks was to get all files sensibly tagged. This led me to MusicBrainz. It’s totally cool! It analyzes your music files, makes a ‘finger print’ of that, compares it with it’s online database and updates your mp3’s ID3 and then renames them sensibly. All automatically!

Yes, it’s not foolproof.. needs some help occasionally. As an example, I threw some 400 rock files at it. It identified close to 360 of them! Give it a shot, it’s free!