Hello Googlebot!

So I was checking out Google for some stuff. Then I got bored and started checking out Google for some random stuff. By and by, on a whim, I queried for ‘Deepak Sarda’. And there it was, yours truly right on top of the listings!

Well, actually nothing to get pumped up about. It’s from an old post to the ILugC mailing list. But hey, at least I was above the other Deepak Sarda who did an MSc in 1999.

Here’s the good part. I am there again - on the very next link! This time on buddy Bala’s old IITM webpage. It’s a wonder that site is still up. Bala sure knows some people back in IITM ;-)

But what I really wanted to see was a link to this blog.


Where in the world did I put my full name on the blog!! Okay, Google is great, but to expect it to be omniscient is a bit too much!

Then, just to see if Google at least knows that this page exists, I queried for ‘Sounds From The Dungeon’. Voila! Numero Uno!

So now I’ve decided that I’ll update the top part of this page to something more meaningful. Something which, among other things, definitely includes my full name ;-)

Why the obsession with the full name - you ask me? Well, it turns out that Google has some 535,000 pages which reference ‘Deepak’. And you can figure out the rest ;-)

But I am feeling lazy right now. Maybe the update can wait a while. After all, this entry now does have the full name :-)

So lazy me will just sign off and go to sleep, dreaming of Google and Googlebots.