Inconsequential Updates

As some of you noticed, the site was down for some time. I have no clue what happened. My bro (who pays for the hosting) told me that the hosting period might have expired. But mysteriously, since yesterday, the site is back up again.

Nothing much has happened here. Been hunting around for gifts for my family. This is one occasion when the lack of a girl in your life hurts. Girls have this knack of picking good gifts and they always know where to go looking for one.

Speaking of girls, I met a gumbal of Bangalore girls yesterday. Let me tell you something about this particular tribe. Even if the custom duty were a 1000%, they would insist on bringing their attitude along with them.

I am leaving tomorrow evening. Next update is likely to be from India. Unless something consequential happens in the interim.

[ Midhun: Didn’t know you read these pages; nice to know that! ]