Lord Of The Rings

Extracts from the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

Ring: A round, hoop like object, often worn on appendages as an accessory. also: object of the movie trilogy ‘Lord of The Rings’, widely regarded as the best movie trilogy of all times. Created on planet Earth.

Earth: Mostly harmless.

It is a spectacle to behold. No matter what the amount of hype you’ve been exposed to, you will not come back disappointed. Rather, you’ll come back thanking the heavens for making sure you were around in the world watching this epic unfold.

Watch it.

As a side note, let me tell you something that happened today. If you haven’t caught on yet, I saw LOTR-ROTK today. Liv Tyler makes an appearance thrice onscreen. That’s it. Thrice. The first time she comes on, she looks so breathtakingly beautiful, so mindblowingly gorgeous that I forgot all the pain, all the troubles and all of existence for those few minutes. And when she flitted away, I immediately chastised myself for having thought that the dough I spent on the Aerosmith anthology earlier in the day was a bit too steep! Thank you Steven for bringing her into this world!

The second time she comes on screen, I am not even in the hall. As fate would have it, events conspired to lock me out of the theatre. Don’t ask me the details. It’ll suffice to say that nature picks upon the most inopportune moments to come calling. I managed to regain entry into the hall after ten minutes of heroic efforts. Alas, Princess Arwen was already gone. But I got back in time for what will undoubtedly go down in cinematic history as the best war scene ever created.

Third times a charm.

Enough said. Watch the movie. Weep of joy. Come back and tell me what moved you the most.

On other news, I met my internship advisor today. I informed him of my impending visit to India and he approved of it. So no problems there. Then I had a discussion about the project and boy oh boy, I’ll need to do some serious, and I mean damn serious work to finish what they are expecting. It promises to involve some pretty hardcore algorithm design and implementation. So yea to life!

Saip my dear friend. To paraphrase good ‘ol Santa (of Aero fame), life’s a bitch and we all know that. So despair not. Why don’t you give your old friend a call. She’s still in Bombay, right?