Matrix Revolutions - Where are the Revelations?

I haven’t posted in a while over here - been busy. That’s a nice catchall term, don’t you think so?

I saw Revolutions last night. For those who haven’t seen it, read no further.

All said and done, the movie was a disappointment for me. It left too many loose ends which I hope some of you will help me tie together. But my biggest crib with the movie was the way the Wachowski brothers payed homage to Matrix - Part 1. There were so many scenes which reminded me of the first of the trilogy. The gun fight outside Merovingian’s club - just like the first movie’s trademark scene, only with an upside down twist to it. In the final showdown between Neo and Smith, the duo find themselves for a few minutes inside a room which is strikingly similar to the sparring program from the original where Morpheus and Neo face off for the first time. Neo’s mannerisms in there just added to that sense of deja vu. There were lots of other small things too. Someone tell the brothers that creating film homages is a job left to others!

This episode also had the cheesiest lines IMO. Predictable to the core. Trinity mouthing such inane stuff as ‘You know what has changed between then and now.. nothing.’ Duh. An extremely stupid explanation for the change in the Oracle’s character. (They might have as well put a subtitle informing viewers that Gloria Foster lives no more). And when Neo meets Agent Smith in his human incarnation for the first time - it takes him a full 10 minutes to realize who the man is while the audience knows it as soon as they hear the trademarked ‘Mr. Anderson!’. Neo is surely is one helluva - The One.

Such stuff aside, let me come to the inconsistencies that I can’t seem to resolve. Leaving the small issues aside, there are just 2 major things that I can’t fathom.. at least not yet.

1. How can Neo down the machines in the real world just by raising his hand?! What’s the explanation for his powers in the real world. And for Smith’s capacity to take control of a human mind? The Oracle says Neo’s got a connection to the Source. Not very enlightening. His ability to see the machine energies (in a non-green color!) suggest an inverse matrix to me ;-). I don’t quite remember now how Reloaded ended - can someone bring me up on how Neo gets to be in an unconscious state (after some fight with the sentinels?).

2. The Oracle says Agent Smith is the balancing factor in the equations. He’s the negative where Neo is the positive. So far so good. Seraph too confirms this when he tells Smith ‘I’ve beaten you once’ in his earlier avatar as The One. So there have been as many Agent Smith’s as there have been The Ones. It also means that the machines got rid of all the other Agent Smiths because the system lives on.

The question that boggles my mind is, what changed in this version of the Matrix that makes Agent Smith so powerful that the Machines can’t handle him anymore? If it’s Neo’s choice towards the end of Reloaded - that’s not good enough because we can see Agent Smiths virus like replication powers all through Reloaded much before Neo has to make the choice. Any explanations?

On a related note, there’s this site with a humorous round-up of all the matrix theories that were floating around. Make it a point to read it!
The Matrix: Resolutions

On a related note to the related note, there’s this guy - Dr Albert Oxford - who has come up with a list of 50 reasons why the movie trilogy shouldn’t have been made. I would have been okay if this were a humorous, sarcastic take on the movies. But the guy is simply nuts. He cites all sorts of crap reasons which just shows what a shallow mind he has. Read it and wonder how such pea-brained dumbf*\&\^# can get a doctorate degree. And then go away happy that if he can, so can we!

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