my ode to atalji - aka - the poet in me

This started off as a mail to the class. I started the mail with:

Just when we thought we could say good bye to MPI
\ \ \  i get orders to finish Lab 5.
Oh Oh, did u say lab 6 too.
\ \ \  well lab 5 rhymes, so that's what i'll do.

In response, Vasanth wrote back with:

...if i had a stick ...i wud...
\ \ \  beat u blue cos thats what i should!
if ur code aint work ..and it goes in vain..
\ \ \  i will shove it up ur ass till u howl in pain...
but till then u r the master.....but puleeseee shut ur gob
\ \ \  leave the poetry to me and concentrate on doin a good job!!!!!

in his words.. he was trying to emulate Eminem :-P

this was my response.. my first ever limerick!!

long long time ago, once upon a time,
we used to be in india, and all of fine
\ \ \  now there's loads of code to write
\ \ \  and in poetry i take respite
but even there, u kick me on my hind!

hmm.. didn’t know i was so talented ;-)