Have you seen Bowling for Columbine? Written and directed by Michael Moore, it’s an eye opening account of America’s gun culture.

A furthermore news flash on jogged my memory about that movie. Here’s what the flash says:

When gathering 'round the table this Thanksgiving, some Americans may be thankful that they don't reside in Geuda Springs, Kansas, where residents are required to keep guns and ammunition in their homes. Noncompliant residents of the town, population 210, will be fined \$10 under an ordinance passed earlier this month. Those who suffer from physical or mental disabilities, conscientiously oppose firearms or can't afford the weaponry would be exempt. The town's sheriff and city attorney oppose the measure, which has not yet taken effect. Many Geuda Springs residents chose not to discuss the new ordinance. "It's nobody's business but our own," said a motorcycle shop owner. "Everybody out of town is making this their business."

And they complain when Iraqi’s and Afghan’s choose to have guns! Don’t see this as my endorsement of everyone’s right to guns, I am strongly against civilian ownership of firearms. But this is just another example of American hypocrisy. They should get their house straight before preaching to the world.