The Big S thing

No, no objectionable content here. The S refers to the number of people I know whose names start with that alphabet! The number, chickens and chicos, tends to infinity. And this does place a load on my organizers.

First it used to be my small telephone diary where the S page would overflow into the next. Then the Casio digital, which - although it didn’t overflow - forced me to scroll through A-R entries to get to the target - 90\% of the time. The humble paper diary atleast was a DASD (google you techno-illiterates!).

I thought I was done with that problem when I embraced Outlook’s address book. But lord no! it’s my cellphone now! It’s scrolling time baby. Watch me get carpal tunnel syndrome.. Atleast that would stop me from posting here. And you would be rid of ur compulsive urge to come over here and listen to the Sounds From The Dungeon.