The Sensitive Me!

Last night I saw Philadelphia. I remember, right from my childhood, seeing people, especially my sis, shedding tears at every emotional moment in any movie - mostly Bollywood ‘tearjerkers’. And I used to wonder - what’s the big deal?! It’s just a movie, no one is really dying. Just see the movie, enjoy it and forget it!

But last night, watching Tom Hanks on the hospital bed, fighting death till the very end, I was welling up. The non-emotional Mr Deepak was shedding tears at a fictional character dying a fictional death! What’s come over me?

Is it the maturity that comes with age? Is it that I do feel the pulls of relationships now, the vacuum, the fear of losing a loved one.

Whatever it is - I sure was glad to be watching the movie alone. Yeah yeah, call me a hypocrite. Do I care? ;-)