This is the limit!

Singapore must be the only democratic, economically developed, capitalist country where freedom takes a back seat. Freedom of speech - freedom of expression. There’s enough freedom on the streets with people doing what they deem fit. Although what they deem fit isn’t even close to what their western counterparts find acceptable. But that’s a different story.

It’s the media with whom I am picking a bone. Self censorship is the norm of the day. I am watching a movie now - Kaante. This print already has a subtitle stream running at the bottom. But those subtitles translate the infinite number of swears in the movie in all their glory. In puritan Singapore, that is simply not acceptable! The solution, overlay the subtitles with an appropriate censored version! Smart eh?!

The paper may be chockablock full of inane articles about product launches, MRT crowds and new shopping plazas. But search with a magnifying glass and you wouldn’t find an article that even borders on political dissent.

It’s only when you leave a free place that you value freedom.

Think about it.