We have a negative cash flow situation

In other words, I am bankrupt.

The last two days have seen the greens just flying out of my wallet. First off was the iRiver iFP-190TC mp3/wma/FM player that I had been lusting after. It was partly a reward to myself (for getting through this semester :-) ) and partly just feeding my gadget lust, now that I can afford it to some degree.

Then came the return tickets to Hyderabad. Yes, I finally am going home. I’ll be leaving on 24th night and will be flying back on 5th morning. It promises to be a nice and busy vacation with junta arranging for a Bangalore New Year’s do.

And what better way to catch that party than with an Olympus 3.2 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, swanky digital camera! This one ain’t on my lust-list (nice word.. hmm.. TM, (c), pat. pend., blah), but on my dad’s.

So here’s me, planning to lie low and live out the next ten days till the next paycheck comes in.

BTW, how many of you are gadget freaks? Care to share your lust-lists?

Actually, why just gadgets.. tell me about any of your lust-lists.