What box do you run?

We nerds often refer to our PCs as boxes, with typical conversations sounding like:
“Hey, do you have the source for that simulation program?”
“Yes, it’s on my box at home.”
“Cool. Burn a DVD for me will you?”
“Sorry, can’t. It’a a Linux box and I couldn’t get the DVD writer working.”
“What’s wrong with your other Windows box?”

And before you know it, another Linux/Windows flame war is underway.

But you know I am a peace loving guy. So that’s not what I am talking about.

It’s the boxes. Some really creative nerd (yes, they exist) Andy France decided to take this box metaphor to it’s logical conclusion. See this for the results.

You might find the details a bit gory for your tastes, so just skip to the last page for what is arguably the coolest Linux/Windows dual boot solution on Earth.