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Extracted from a Yahoo chat between Bala and me last Friday.

deepak : what software are u building?
bala : first I have an ontology (written in OWL). Then there is a need for software to translate a query on the ontology to an SQL query and get the results
bala : The main problem is to imagine the use cases and then to actually find a way to tell the equivalence of concepts in the ontology and data
deepak : isn’t there a java app for that..
bala : there is?
deepak : i remember a colleague at ex-work place doing ontology queries
deepak : open source too
bala : mostly a semantic web kind of a environment
bala : do you have any link?
deepak : should i ask her?
bala : that would be nice
deepak : i’ll mail her for info
bala : thanks
bala : does she have bookmarks? I might find it there
deepak : :-))
deepak : everyone should, shouldn’t they
bala : the idea isn’t funny…
deepak : no.. but ur expectation is
deepak : speaking of
bala : :-)
deepak : i was thinking i was rather smart in subscribing to the rss feed for all bookmarks tagged with e680, my phone model
deepak : now there’s this other person.. userid nitya… who’s apparently done the same.
deepak : ‘cos everytime something new shows up, i bookmark it, he/she bookmarks it too.. and the feed updates twice.. once with each of our bookmarks
bala : give up!
bala : but doesn’t show any subscriptions
deepak : subscribed to feed in bloglines
bala : ok
deepak : moreover.. this nitya person .. going by the bookmarks.. shares many of my interests. would be cool to chat.
bala : hmm
deepak : nice way of finding ppl right? better than orkut at least
deepak : hmm.. should blog abt this

And now I’ve blogged it.