Have you found yet? I’ve been using it for some time now and it’s fabulous. Find my bookmarks here and of course, the RSS feed for them.

My flat mate and I have come up with a couple of tags to help us streamline our complex lives. We’ve started marking movies we want to see with the towatch tag and the books we want to read with the toread tag.

I’ve gone one step further and started rating movies I’ve seen using I use the movies tag and add ratings (like x/10) using the extended attribute. I was earlier using IMDb’s voting option to record my ratings but stopped doing that when I saw there was no way of easily retrieving my vote history. I wrote to them about it but they didn’t sound too hot about providing any API for IMDb. (They do provide their entire database for download and offline, personal use!)

Yeah, so? If you guys and gals pick up on the rating through idea, then we can cook up a social movie ratings aggregator. Maybe mash it up with IMDb’s downloadable database to provide movie synopsis (synopses?) along with ratings.