For want of a good coffee

Oh, what do I need to do to get a good cup of coffee around here?! My new workplace sucks when it comes to coffee.* The snack store in the lobby sells the most terrible combination of coffee beans, condensed milk, sugar and hot water. Then there’s the back office pantry which is stocked with all kinds of coffee powders, not to mention tea in every possible colour. Ok, just green tea and regular tea. But damned if I can make a good cup of coffee!

Making coffee is a trial-and-error process for me. Take hot water, add coffee powder, add milk powder, add sugar. Taste. Add more of any of the ingredients as needed. Taste. Repeat until satisfied. That’s the ideal case. Thing is, this iterative process results in a non-converging sequence for me. I’ve never been able to make a good cup of coffee :(

Oh, there’s a coffee dispensing machine too. But that’s the most evil machine possible. Yesterday, when I asked for coffee, it sent me away with just milk and sugar. So I played safe and took mocha for the rest of the day. Today morning, when I asked for mocha, I got just black coffee! Arrggghhhhhh!

*My new workplace sucks when it comes to food in general.