Happy Birthday to Me

Okay, belated wishes in this time zone ;-) Thanks everyone for sending wishes my way!

So this is the second b’day since I started blogging. Makes me feel old like a seasoned pro!

Today, I spent some time shopping (hah!) for clothes first. Then saw Black with family. Had chaat for dinner and then a nice surprise home-made cake!

Also, we’ve got broadband at home now! I guess broadband is a rather relative term. The Singaporeans and Amreekans of the world snicker at what is passed for broadband here in India while the Japs and the Koreans don’t even think about what the rest of the world calls broadband.

Anyway, the broadband connection gave me the courage to access my server and add some long overdue links to the Friends list. And glad to see Cue blogging again!

Do watch Black.

Update: One more of the Gangasters starts blogging. Hello Abhijit, enjoy your random walks!