On God

From Alas, A Blog:

It was amazing to see churches and mosques the only buildings standing when all else have been levelled to the ground. Perhaps the buildings were built stronger, but that is only a partial explanation. Could there be some form of divine intervention?

It would take a very selfish God to keep his places safe while letting other places get washed away - along with those living in there.

Which brings my thoughts to the very central problem I have with religions today, especially with the concept of Hell. If I refuse to acknowledge Him, to worship Him and sing praises in His name, almost all contemporary religions assure me of a place in Hell with a ringside view of the fires and suffering.

So is this all knowing, all pervasive, all powerful God so selfish that He wants and needs to be worshipped by everyone? If that’s the deal, then is He worth worshipping? For being selfless is a virtue taught by all religions, isn’t it?