Return of the This and That

Got Cory to sign a full print of his book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

Whuffie for me!

His reaction on seeing the print: “How badass is that?!”

Best review of The Island:

And hey - what a happy ending the movie leaves us with - only 5m$ between you and a clone of Scarlett Johanson ! Finally something worth saving for.


I’ve been asked to pimp Singapura this Week and good thing too; it’s a nice weblog tracking upcoming and ongoing events in Singapore. One neat thing they do is offer RSS feeds of upcoming events, pretty cool. Now if only SISTIC got a clue…

A patch of clear in a sea of blurriness.

How much money can one make out of lucky draws and competitions? Can we cook up some estimates of the number of such competitions, mean/median amount of prize money (equivalent) given out, fraction of population (of say, Singapore) participating, etc. and determine if there’s scope for arbitrage in this market?

Did some minor fiddling with the site. The comments page has lost some flab and folks using Bloglines should now be able to see the pictures in my posts. If you are using a web based aggregator other than Bloglines and can’t see my posts in all their glory, let me know.

Wonder Boy by Tenacious D - just stuck in my head.