Seven Ghosts

For only the second time in my life, as far as I remember, I went to watch a movie alone today. Coming from the library, passing by the multiplex, having no other plans, just went up and bought a ticket. I was gently informed before making payment that said movie’s spool had already been unwinding in front of a photon source for a good ten minutes. Who cares?!

The first 88% of the movie turned out to be a really sorry excuse for the rest which contained some acceptably decent swordplay. Seven Swords is the movie, if you must be curious.

Anyhow, as I reflect on this now, I think the watching movie alone deal isn’t so bad. No discussion needed on which flick to torment senses with, which multiplex operator to hand over money to, whether to get tormented pre or post food gorging, etc. Lots of positives to this.

When I returned home, the cable tv could be heard from outside the main door. I did not even consider that someone human could be watching it. One thing is established: it is the ghost of a dead financial analyst. It always watches CNBC, nothing else.

I am returning the cable box tomorrow. Or today, if you don’t go by the sun and insist on following the date rollover is at midnight meme.