Technorati's Desi Blog Ranking

Michael Higgins asked his readers who they thought were the most popular desi bloggers. Vikram Arumilli then collected and posted Google PageRank based rankings of desi blogs.

IMNSHO, PageRank means crap when it comes to ranking bloggers. I mean this blog’s PageRank is 5, does that mean it’s as popular as the excellent Acorn! No Sir! For a more objective and quantitative measure of blog popularity, you have to query Technorati.

Thanks to Technorati’s developer API, it was easy to get the required information. What you see below is a list of quite a few desi blogs (most of which I don’t read :-) ) with their technorati provided numbers. Click any of the column headings to sort appropriately. Update: I don’t think the click-to-sort foo will work in feedreaders; visit the site for that.

Another Update: This collection of blogs in not an authoritative view of the desi blogosphere, it’s just a copy of the list Vikram put up. It doesn’t even represent all the blogs that I read, how can it be representative of your blogroll? Please don’t get riled up about your favourite blog not being in here! Tell you what, as I said in the comments below, if this concept generates enough buzz, I’ll cook up something to periodically build this list automatically. Comment here or email me or blog your thoughts about how it should be done, possible other features and of course, blog urls to track.

One more update: A more expanded and refined version of these rankings now lives here. Also, I would like it if this list were not just about rankings but also serve as a simple directory of desi blogs. Towards that end, I welcome blog url contributions from you all. Send them by any medium possible, except ESP. (My other posts on this are here and here.)

The Blog Inbound Blogs Inbound Links Cosmos Rank
Sepia Mutiny 284 438 2749 628 880 774
Conversations with Dina 307 389 2438
India Uncut 444 709 1341 370 438 1803
AnarCapLib 180 238 5617
HERstory 25 31 79104
Sightscreen 75 98 21486
Amardeep Singh 129 138 9118
Death Ends Fun 160 236 6638
Locana 44 52 41286
Deeshaa 145 193 7677
Sadagopan's Weblog 103 164 12783
Gautam Ghosh on Management 97 112 14523
Nerve Endings Firing Away 93 121 15745
Vantage Point 214 279 4346
MadMan's Web 101 117 13317
Colour of Water 33 48 58344
The Examined Life 111 145 11231
The Acorn 160 248 6638
A Time To Reflect 85 119 18269
Inside the Mind of Madness 16 23 122145
Manish Vij 27 34 72971
Ceteris Paribus 39 52 47754
Indianwriting 115 188 10697
Vislumbres 30 32 65078
Zoo Station 72 99 22680
Balancing Life 35 64 54436
Sambhar Mafia 108 124 11648
Writing Cave 24 28 82538
The Middle Stage 69 74 23840
Chocolate and Gold Coins 29 44 67592
Ashish's Niti 28 66 70185
Psychotic Ramblings Of A Mad Man 30 52 65078
DesiPundit 47 72 0
Sounds from the Dungeon 20 20 98889

Now for the commentary on all those numbers.

Well, there is none. You see, I usually never get a chance to put up a table on my blog. Creating this table gave me an excuse to copy the cool sortable columns trick from MochiKit. I just cut-paste that example with a small tweak to support numeric sort. Nice stuff.

But you can comment! I don’t have an anti-spam foo powered comment form here just because it looks good!