This and That is Back

If it isn’t obvious, I am back in Singapore after a nice vacation in Italy. Pictures coming soon. If I know you personally, you’ve likely already received a ‘how it was’ mail.

The jet lag is worse than I expected: I slept at 5 in the morning yesterday :-( Must get system clock in sync with local time soon!

Overheard at work.

A to B on a marathon he’s planning to take part in: What do you win?
B: It’s not about winning! Anyway, winners finish it in less than 3 hours while normal people like me take four hours or more.
A: Normal people don’t run marathons!

The Kansas school board has now approved the questioning of evolution in state science curriculum. The best response to the decision comes at the end of this NY Times story:

Among the standing-room only crowd in the small board room for today's session were two dozen high school students fulfilling a government-class assignment to attend a public meeting - and shaking their heads at the decision.

"We're glad we're seniors," said Hannah Teeter, 17, part of the group from Shawnee Mission West High in Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb. "I feel bad for all the kids that are younger than us that they have to be taught things that aren't science in science class."

In other news, Dreamhost upgraded their servers to Debian Sarge which comes with a newer, bug-fixed release of Perl. Thanks to that, the blog archives are fully functional now. Go ahead, browse and indulge in some retro-dungeon-sounds-listening.

I am also planning to write custom error pages for The first: Error 404.