Tips from the Dungeon

Don’t you hate it when websites won’t let you create a login account without an email address? They even go to the extent of mailing the password to the email address you provide, just to make sure it’s a legitimate one. And you don’t really feel like giving your regular email address ‘cos you know that would be an invitation to endless unwanted mails after just one password containing mail. But you give your email address anyways.

No more! Just use - the easy one-off email service. Just give as the email address for any signups. Then go to and login with anythingyouwanthere (no password) and any email sent to this address will be sitting there. Once you’ve read an email, it’s deleted automatically. That’s it. On the fly, one-off email addresses!

Is your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar too cluttered? Move some bookmarks into folders that live in the toolbar. Right click on some free area in the toolbar, choose ‘New Folder…’ from the pop-up menu, pick a name and that creates a folder. Now just drag bookmarks to this new folder. Get organized!

This one is for Bloglines users. I am sure you regularly encounter sites still stuck in 1999, offering to send you site updates by email! This is 2005 - we want feeds! Thankfully, Bloglines’ Email Subscriptions feature is made just for such occasions. This is one big reason why I am such a loyal Bloglines user :-)

Start a blog. It gets you free stuff. For real! ;-)

If you are planning to visit the German Embassy here in Singapore to apply for a visa, don’t count on spending a few hours over there. It takes less than five minutes. No point taking a book along to read in the queue. ;-)

PS: No, I am not blogging from work. I am sitting at home nursing a throat infection. :-(