Tomorrow Never Thinks

… before it links. Pardon the pun, but if you didn’t know already, is getting some flak for their linking policy. They linked to my earlier post, On Linking and if you’ve read that, you know which side of the debate I am on.

That is, if we know what exactly the debate is.

From the comments I’ve read here and there on this, I think people are asking, “Why don’t you guys think before you link?”’s response seems to address the question: “Why don’t you ask before you link?” Needless to say, there’s been a lot of talking past each other due to this.

I’ve already answered the second of those questions in On Linking. To those asking the first question: Whether you like it or not, linking is the way of the Web. If you want an outlet for thoughts and emotions close to your heart and meant to be read only by those close to you, then a blog probably isn’t the best tool for you. Use email, use instant messages or use private Yahoo Groups. But don’t use a public blog and then cry foul ‘cos the Web doesn’t confirm to your code of ethics.

Some of the reasons stated for not shining the spotlight on ‘anonymous’ blogs are downright moronic. For example, this one says, What if your blog is discovered by your boss because of If you are so concerned about that, then don’t be stupid about what you blog.

Never heard that security through obscurity never works?