Weirdest freaking spam

From: Lisa Sanders
Subject: It’s Lisa From AFF !!

Hi there-
I am so glad you responded to my ad !! I have not had much luck finding anyone on Adultfriendfinder, so I am hoping that I have found my Prince Charming :) hee hee. I just got back from working out and I am so tired....where are you to give me a massage :) I’d like to hear more about you and get a picture as well, and if you want to know me better, here is a good place to start:
http://www.(some naughty ladies aka pr0n site).com

I have a much more in depth profile there, with tons of pictures. When I say I haven’t had much luck on AFF, it is because there have been some real, real weirdos that have contacted me…so I figured I would just post my profile elsewhere :) I Hope you are still interested !! I am on the third page, the second picture from the right…I guess that they thought I was so cute, they made me a featured member :):) I hope you don’t think I am bragging too much ! Feel free to ask me anything…you know I am open since you answered my ad. Hopefully you can leave your number and we can talk later, if not, email me and I will write you emails can get very FUN....and quite creative :) I am pretty bummed that it is Sunday.....that means a whole week of work starts tomorrow :( Do you have any plans for this week? Maybe we could get together? Or, what are you up to tonight? Maybe we could get together and play ;) Hee hee…I am so naughty. Ok, I am rambling now :) I better get going....if you are free tonight, give me a call…my phone number is on my personal page.

Love Ya,
Lisa :)