Yahoo 360°

Yahoo’s combined photos, blogging and your friends circle to create Yahoo! 360°. As Zawodny puts it:

360 was not designed to be YASNS (Yet Another Social Networking Service). The goal is not to amass as many “friends” as possible, unlike Friendster, Orkut, and others. It’s about making it easier to share stuff with people who really are you friends–the ones you already talk to, email, IM, etc.

‘as many “friends” as possible’ - heard of orkut whores? ;-) Seriously though, that gets right to the heart of the issue - current social networking sites have limited utility! I use orkut as a glorified birthdays tracker and don’t see the point in replying to the numerous hi5, friendster, etc invites that I keep receiving.

Still no word on integrating Yahoo Groups. Maybe it’ll show up in the non-beta release of 360° - we still have 2 and 1/2 months left on my predicted ETA for Yahoo’s blogging service! ;-)