A Rediff Headline

Oh Rediff! It has been a long, long time since I last wrote about you. What can I say, I’ve been busier than I used to be and you’ve been nicer than you used to be. I’ve been nicer to you than I used to be! ;-)

But today, I was free and I was bored and then you ran this headline:

rediff's incorrect headline

That highlighted headline links to the transcript of a chat session with Dr Leonard Weiss. The thing is, Dr Weiss has had little to do with the NPT! Look what that very chat transcript has to say:

nuclearwinter asked, Dr Weiss, when you drafted the NPT, did you consider the possibility of nations testing nevertheless?
Leonard Weiss answers, I did not draft the NPT. I drafted a domestic law called the Nuclear Nonprolifertion Act of 1978.

Oh Rediff! You remain my favouritest news portal. :-)