Why isn’t the O’Reilly Python DevCenter feed exclusive to, you know, Python stuff?

A stupid lets-rip-on-MS-and-Zune blog post at SFGate, among other errors, has a picture of the Zune with the caption: Same price, fewer features. But it is available in brown. Fewer features?! Pray explain, how?! I am pretty ho-hum about the Zune but I do feel that no matter the source or target, FUD must be called out.

New in kernel 2.6.19: Add “-o flush” mount option for fat for removable media devices (USB flash-based memory devices, MP3 players). Mounting with -o flush tells FAT to write things to disk as quickly as possible. It is like -o sync, but much faster (and not as safe). Think of it like a fast “async” mount.