Python 2.5 is out! John Mulligan has a quick roundup of some reactions and my own comments are here.

Don't get me wrong: Emacs is a great operating system --- it lacks a good editor, though. -- Thomer Gil

Just finished ‘ordering’ ten of the awesome looking Flickr MiniCards from MOO. They are giving away ten free cards each to the first 10,000 Flickr Pro users that ask for them. Why aren’t there more freebies like this in the world? :-)

Surreal headline of the day: “Where is Osama? SMS us and win prizes”
From Rediff, where else?

I just solved level 22 of KlueLess. Fairly easy for level 22 I think. I just had to do some frequency based substitution guesswork before the cipher became apparent. Then I fired up Python to decode the ciphertext and learnt some new Python tricks in the bargain. If you don’t mind a spoiler, take a look at the code snippet.