Deepak Sarda: Spammer Extraordinaire?

For some reason, roomie asked me to Google for my name. What a shock! The number two search result for deepak sarda is a spam site. And not just any spam site - it is a testimony to how cunning the spammers have become & how far the race between search engines & spammers has come.

The number two result, as I write this post, is When you & I, aka humans using a standard web browser, visit the site, what we see is a regular, old spam site. It shows fake search results which point to either other spam sites (creating a link farm) or to whoever is paying for this crap.

Here’s where it gets devious. When Google’s robot visits the site, it sees an entirely different version of the site. Take a look at Google’s cache to see what it thinks is It finds a page which has been constructed from bits & pieces of my online life. Seeing all that arguably legitimate content (at least from a robot’s perspective), Google thinks it is a pretty good site and gives it a decent page rank & thus, the spammer’s link farm grows.

In other words, the spammers are using my online presence built over several years to power their shady operations. If I were a believer, I would wish them Hell.