Research, 2020.

“Do you have any results yet?”

“I have lots of results. I just don’t understand them yet. There are some very tricky interactions going on here and I’ve got nothing that ties them together.”

“Since when have you been looking at this?”

“Around seven months now.”

“And you haven’t found any natural explanation for it in all this time.”

“Sadly, yes.”

“Hmm. Have you considered the possibility that there isn’t any natural explanation? Let’s look at these interactions you speak of.”

“Yes, this topology couldn’t have come about just like that. It is clearly indicative of design. You, Deepak, have come up against something that can only be explained by querying the mind and purpose of the designer!”

“Umm.. by design. That explains everything, I suppose.”

“Of course it does! That’s your conclusion - by design - and I want the manuscript by this Friday.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Update: I came across this quote today:

linux by evolution

(picture from…)