Tampa Week #1

Tampa’s downtown shuts down rather early in the evening. They have a night spot in Channelside which, if you are from Singapore, is a spitting image of Boat Quay, etc. in that made to attract tourists kind of way. I haven’t been to Ybor yet, so let’s see.

America’s obesity problem is very real. The number of overweight people around is amazingly high. I don’t mean the chubby kind but the can’t get into a Maruti 800 kind. Coming from Singapore, the contrast is especially stark. Although I am sure if I were living in a university environment, I’ll find people in much better shape ;-)

There are lots of Oak trees here which look rather beautiful.

Every morning, I do a nice ten minute walk to get to my office. On the way, the flora gives off this mulberry/strawberry jam smell that’s absolutely fantastic.

Daylight Saving is a strange thing. One day, it’s getting dark around 7pm and the next day, it’s 8pm and you are having dinner while it’s still twilight outside.

Made a trip to Orlando on Saturday. We thought of going to Disney World first but it was too complex a task trying to nail down an itinerary for that place. So we went to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Great rides, long queues, good fun. Interesting tidbit: I saw hardly any Asians in the park. Very unlike NYC and Boston which were full of Indians and not just Asians. An all-American destination I suppose. Photos.

I bought an iAudio U2 mp3 player and a pair of Koss KSC75 headphones to go with it. It’s taking some time to get used to the sit-on-ear design of the Koss headphones. Although I must say they are much better than the bigger size headphones which sit on your head - I just can’t stand those!

Curse of the proprietary formats. At work, I found some old design documents created in Adobe Framemaker that I wanted to read. I googled for FrameViewer but looks like Adobe’s discontinued that product. I don’t even know if the viewer was free (like MS Word Reader) or a paid for product. Finally, I had to wade through all our old CDs to dig out a FrameMaker installer. That’s time I’ll never get back.

I am still at Level 20 of KlueLess