The latest revision of phpMyID now works on Dreamhost aka PHP/CGI. Some config help.

My new work laptop has Ubuntu Dapper pre-installed and so I am getting reacquainted with the prison cell that is the GNOME desktop environment. Off the top of my head:

These past few days, Gmail has been crawling out here in Singapore. Think dial-up, only slower! I frequently get the ‘This is taking longer than usual to load’ message which I had never seen before this. I’ve resorted to tunneling browser sessions through my dreamhost server in the US to regain acceptable performance. My sole Google contact: please pass this info internally to the Gmail team!

Just updated the Thinkpad to Edgy from Dapper. Smooth as silk. Well, almost… had to delete ~/.fonts.conf and re-enable subpixel hinting to get back crispy fonts.