The Eye

Towards the fag end of June, I went in to get my eyes dosed with fluorescent dyes in the hopes of taming a recurring pain in my left eye. The doctors at that cheerful place found nothing structurally wrong with my eyes. Were they implying that something was psychologically wrong? Just as my GP had surmised when faced with my eyeball of pain?

The truth, according to the good doctors, was more mundane. They surmised that since my vision was better than that suggested by my spectacles, the pain could be due to the over-compensation provided by the corrective lenses. “Get a new pair” was the prescription offered.

Last Thursday, I got the new pair. The frame is kinda thick compared to the earlier one and so, at first, there was this black blind zone in the periphery of my vision. But it’s really amazing how quickly the brain adapts and starts filling in detail where there’s none available. By a process of super-advanced, realtime, image interpolation, the black blind zone is now razor thin - a mere zin of a zone. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I just invented that phrase.

Anyway, the pain is just a discomfort now and hopefully, it’ll be gone in another few days. But I do miss those super-effective, over-compensating pieces of plastic. I realize now that I was seeing things much clearer than I’m supposed to see. Distant events that should rightfully be a blur were crystal clear. Alas, I’m no longer the far-sighted visionary that I earlier was.

I guess that’s enough puns for the next two months.