Mitter 0.4

After a long time, we have a new Mitter release. What’s Mitter you say? Mitter is a sweet and simple Twitter client for Linux desktops. You can use it as a regular graphical app that sits in your system tray till you need it or as a CLI app tucked away in one of your half a dozen terminal windows.

There isn’t much new feature wise in this release. The Changelog is there for you to peruse. Just think of it as a release that rolls up all the current fixes and lets us focus on the next set of features :-)

If you are a Twitter user running Linux, do give Mitter a try! It’s really nice, and that’s not just me saying it :-)

Source packages can be downloaded from Mitter’s project page while Ubuntu users can use Sugree’s PPA to get the latest version.

Incidentally, the release names for the 0.4 cycle will be based on quotes from Jurassic Park, in honour of Michael Crichton.