Tip Jar

My Ricoh GX100 inexplicably sets the copyright and description exif headers to by Caplio GX100 User & Exif_JPEG_PICTURE and provides no way to change the defaults. Thankfully, there’s exiftool to do the job:

$ exiftool -Copyright='Deepak Sarda' -ImageDescription= -overwrite_original r*.jpg

Ever needed to surf non-mobile optimized sites on your mobile phone? Try Google’s ‘hidden’ content adaptation service at http://google.com/gwt/n

I frequently find myself getting frustrated with file picker dialogs when sending email attachments. The fact that Firefox on Linux uses the insanely inusable Gnome file picker just adds salt to the wounds. A workaround I’ve found useful is to use a combination of dcop, klipper and bash’s auto completion to quickly copy the full file path from a shell to the clipboard. Next step, just paste the file name in the attachment field. With a Yakuake based shell always just a keypress away, this is way faster than messing around with the file picker dialog.

$ alias xcp
alias xcp='dcop klipper klipper setClipboardContents'
$ xcp /home/antrix/file/to/send.txt