Lens Hack

I recently got a couple of D-Link 942L IP cameras. Unfortunately, these units have a very narrow field of view which meant that they didn’t really cover the area we wanted to monitor. So I looked around and found a site called dealextreme.com selling stick-on lenses. Bought two, a 13mm wide-angle lens and a much wider fish-eye.

W-67 wide-angle lens  FE-12 fish-eye lens

Here’s the fish-eye out of the package:

fish-eye unpacked

The small metal rings that you see in the photo above have glue on one side and are meant to be stuck permanently around your camera’s lens. The fish-eye lens has a magnetic ring around its base allowing you to quickly attach/detach the lens to your camera, thanks to the pasted-on metallic ring.

Although these lenses are marketed as mobile phone camera add-ons, they fit perfectly on the D-Link cameras!

lens mounted on dlink cam

At roughly 10$ per lens, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. They’ve made the D-Link cameras useful!

Here are the links if you want to get these lenses: