Raspberry Pi

I got my Raspberry Pi (photos) about a month ago and got time to set it up a couple of weeks back. At the moment, it is running Raspbmc RC4 which is a distribution of XBMC tailored just for this device.

Raspberry Pi

The Pi has been playing most of my video & audio collection without issues over LAN. Video is smooth with hardly any stuttering or frame-drops. Audio over HDMI works just fine playing full DTS or surround sound via my Sony. Raspmbc also supports HDMI-CEC pretty well so I can control it using my TV’s remote control.

XBMC on Raspberry Pi

Here’s what doesn’t work at the moment:

If you notice, these are all XBMC issues. The Pi itself is great and for the price, it is a noiseless, heatless computing powerhouse!

More photos on G+

Update (02/09/2012) The delay switching from normal UI to full screen video playback went away by disabling the Adjust display refresh rate to match video option in XBMC’s Video Playback settings screen. And using the following custom remote mapping file, I can now access the Context Menu by pressing the TV remote’s yellow color key labelled “C”:

<!-- /home/pi/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml -->
<!-- Configuration file for driving CEClib remote  -->