Following Cue's lead, here's what people would probably say if I were to die today.

Of the countries he saw - five.
This one sent him high.

India, USA, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and this one Singapore.

To conquer Water, he tried.
It was not to be, he died.

That's likely since I can't swim and am totally scared of water, yet I try things like kayaking to try and overcome my fears.

An exception!

One likely to come from my geek friends ;-)

And lastly,

Was loved.
Didn't know how to love.


>Was loved. >Didn't know how to love.

Beautiful, love that one... and love it that we can give our two cents to your musings again :)

That's for the third one.

Incidentally, I think programmin geekdom is on the wane. So you might be one of the last few...

So u think.. it's just because of the company you've been keeping these last two years... suits and ties :p

what geekdom do u think is on the rise then?

Hehe..Good one dude.. Do i see a polymorphism on 'love'?

For those still wondering, I was never a geek..

I disagree with the last one. You've loved me ;)

if u were never a geek.. you sure are one now! I mean..polymorphism!!


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