Last working day

Handed in the ID card and signed off at work. Got a farewell lunch from colleagues and a parting gift. Forgot to take any pictures. :-(

Off to India on Saturday. Back to Singapore on the 28th.



Enjoy ur trip....envy u! We'll try and organize another meet maybe next month.


All the best for your new job.And have a nice trip.

hi dude, mail me ur contact no. at hyd. would love to get in touch..but me and saip will be in Vizag by Sat. :( neways, hope to catch up with u on the phone... btw, will be meeting Hemanth and Cueballs today/tomorrow :)

I'm always the last to know. Why're you going to India? Didn't you just go??? I'm missing something here. Are you getting married? :o

What about me?? :((

no, i am not getting married.. so you can stop worrying about being the only single person around :-p

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