Weirdest freaking spam

From: Lisa Sanders
_Subject:_ It's Lisa From AFF !!

Hi there-
I am so glad you responded to my ad !! I have not had much luck finding anyone on Adultfriendfinder, so I am hoping that I have found my Prince Charming :) hee hee. I just got back from working out and I am so tired....where are you to give me a massage :) I'd like to hear more about you and get a picture as well, and if you want to know me better, here is a good place to start:
http://www.(some naughty ladies aka pr0n site).com

I have a much more in depth profile there, with tons of pictures. When I say I haven't had much luck on AFF, it is because there have been some real, real weirdos that have contacted I figured I would just post my profile elsewhere :) I Hope you are still interested !! I am on the third page, the second picture from the right...I guess that they thought I was so cute, they made me a featured member :):) I hope you don't think I am bragging too much ! Feel free to ask me know I am open since you answered my ad. Hopefully you can leave your number and we can talk later, if not, email me and I will write you emails can get very FUN....and quite creative :) I am pretty bummed that it is Sunday.....that means a whole week of work starts tomorrow :( Do you have any plans for this week? Maybe we could get together? Or, what are you up to tonight? Maybe we could get together and play ;) Hee hee...I am so naughty. Ok, I am rambling now :) I better get going....if you are free tonight, give me a phone number is on my personal page.

Love Ya,
Lisa :)


What all you have been upto Sarda, getting such personal mails from pornstars. Do I see a desperation :-).

Well firstly, above commenter was certainly not me!

But wierd stuff for sure!

She's a porn*star* is it?! You seem to know quite a lot ;-)

looks like you can't spell weird either.. I _always_ have to look up the right spelling. :-(

So this is what you've been doing behind my back??? Waaaaaaaaaaa :((

A tip for spelling weird right... just pronounce the word... wee-urd... it's wee as in we, and not as in wig :p

Or you could just remember the order of five letters, it ain't that difficult is it?

ha ha! quite weird!! Do u have a spam filter on!! Or have disabled it for such opportunities! ;)

This one is so unique and weird that it befuddled the spam filters at Gmail and came straight to my inbox!

that sounds like work

No no no! It's "wee-urd" not "wu-urk".

that sounds like 'lame' :p


Incidentally, one of my close friends just had a random walk down Wall street yesterday. This is his first visit to NY, and this is how he put it... "I'm walking on the streets and suddenly I realise that I'm walking against the flow of people. I am literally walking in a direction opposite to almost every other person on the street. And there's not a single person who doesn't possess a hands-free cell phone. Suddenly I look up at a board and it all makes sense. "Wall street", it reads." I think it was one of his best experiences in NY. He did claim it was better than the silly looking Empire State Building!

I went to wall street on a sunday.. so no flow of people to walk against. In fact, I think the only people on wall street that day were tourists!

Interesting results the Gender Genie throws up on the "mail"

Though the mail is signed Lisa (one assumes Lisa is a woman), it has strong male charecteristics - 461 female points and 459 male points. :)

I tried it the 'blog entry' option: 980 female score, 405 male score. Phew, at least I am getting relevant spam ;-)

Fun algo though, must read up on it.

yeah... lisa's a busy one. here's my letter from that tramp.

hey there I think it has been a month or so since we talked last and you popped into my head on my way to work so I thought why not see whats been up with him? how have things been going? do you remember me? I am guessing you dont since it has been awhile and we didnt chat for long in the first place. well, if you dont remember me its ok, I wont be offended :P and if your still interested in getting to know each other write me back here at this address

hope to hear from you! Lisa

PS I attached a photo of me to jog your memory incase you forgot! I remember peoples faces better then email address or names lol

and yes the picture had titties. it least it kept me entertained.

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