Tried for a half hour or so, installed PyGTK and stuff... doesn't work on the Mac. If you're interested, here's what happens:

File "./", line 14, in ? import about File "/Users/anshul/Documents/coding/writr-0.1/", line 4, in ? from gtk import AboutDialog

I am, of course, running this in an X11 terminal. Haven't really had too much python experience - but this AboutDialog object/class should be part of GTK, right? I know its not GTK coz I was getting a 'can't import gtk' error before I installed it.

yep.. AboutDialog is in pygtk. And PyGTK 2.6 at that :-)

I should do a version check right at the start.

If you have the right version.. you can check if the modules at least load in a regular python shell.

Thanks for testing :)

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