Book Tag

Vidya's tagged me twice; I think I ought to respond to this tag. :-)

  1. Book that changed your life: Hard to say. I think events have shaped my life more than books.

  2. Book you've read more than once: None, unless you count textbooks ;-) There are so many great books in the world - why would you read anything twice?!

  3. Book you'd take to a desert island: It would be The Baroque Cycle without a doubt. If I am allowed more, I'll take GEB since I need to read it some time & an island with not much else to do would be an ideal place to get lost in GEB.

  4. Book that made you laugh: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  5. Book that made you cry: Doctor Zhivago. I was very impressionable back when I read it :-)

  6. Book you wish you had written: 13 - this will be a collection of my micro fiction. I wish I had it out by now. :-(

  7. Book you wish had never been written: The New New Thing. As I wrote earlier, never before have I felt like tearing a book to shreds.

  8. Book you're currently reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

  9. Book you've been meaning to read: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. I want to read it, but get scared everytime I peek through it. :-(

That brings us to the end of this list. As is tradition, I am to tag some more unsuspecting souls who, in this instance, shall be: Anshul, Jois, Saip and V.

Update: Unsuspecting souls respond - Anshul, Saip.


You actually read your text books more than once!!! :P

Didn't you know I was a big maggu? :-p

Aaah. the secret is finally out!! you betrayer of our clan :D

and why simsim??

I think I am reasonably safe here to reveal that dark secret ;-)

simsim - like khul ja simsim. unlocks the comment system :-D

BTW, where is your book tag post?? what's supamu for? ;) is it randomly generated or the powerful meshuga mind is actively working behind this?

i put up the book tag post. was a little busy till yesterday.

Not automatic man. I change it when some spam starts getting through.. i.e., some spammer has taken the effort to modify their script just for my blog.

So now I changed to supamu, which is Romaji for 'spam' :-)

Interesting point - events shaped your life more than books... I tried to think back and can't think of a single such event! Probably one could say one's choices shaped life, but my choices were never driven by events.

By the way, unsuspecting soul #1 has completed the tag.

About the spam - why not generate an image and keep it there? Didn't you code a webservice that did it for you? Any spammer smart enough could theoretically do a "please type [A-Za-z0-9]* in this box" and get past it...

Regarding spam: I thought my solution would be enough. And it has been enough for the past year.

Thing is, most spammers have vanilla scripts which target the default comment post forms of standard blogging tools. Add an extra required field & they fail. The ROI on effort to work around this on a per site basis is not great, given there are so many other vanilla sites out there. Unless they have high page rank - which I don't :-)

Sadly, I've got three spam comments in the past three days. Ironically, all of them on the 'text as image' webservice post!

So now I've taken your suggestion and changed the challenge text to an image.

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