Happy Diwali!

I am leaving tonight for Hyderabad. Boy, first Diwali at home after seven years!

As Saip would say, Mama, I'm coming home...


Wow! Welcome home! In case you are in Hyd on 29th or after we shall plan to meet :)

I take the 29th flight back :(

Will you be passing by/visiting Chennai sometime?

And I thought your captcha had Antrix in it...

No.. not on this trip. I am here just for a week so staying in Hyderabad :-)

captcha was antrix a long time ago.. till someone seemingly wrote a spam bot customized for my humble blog :(

Hope you had a great time at home. This was my diwali at home after seven years..same pinch :D

hahaha... same pinch.. haven't used _that_ phrase in seven years ;-)

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