Introducing the mini!

Tidbits from the Dungeon - my new mini blog. Why a mini? Take a look, you'll get the idea.

It's another webpy app. This one I wrote against the upcoming version 0.2 of webpy. Code will be available soonish, I've got to implement pagination first. Which means I've to add at least 30 entries first ;-)

I'll be porting webr to webpy 0.2 too. Keep an eye on the svn if you are interested.


I thought you were trying out Ruby?

nice... btw.. could you drop me a mail when u have time?? i need some HTML help :P you can mention in ur CV that you consult for projects in Japan :D

I wanted to but didn't find anything as straight forward as webpy. And I didn't feel like wrestling with straight cgi in 2006 ;-)

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